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PDP Group, Inc. presents, an easy to use customer service website to facilitate the request of lien satisfaction letters and/or duplicate titles for lenders.

Lenders can reduce costs and streamline customer service with this tool. Instead of having agents take thousands of requests per year, customers or dealers can go directly to the lender specific site, enter in key information, and after validation, have a lien satisfaction letter or duplicate title mailed to their door.

PDP Group does not have to be your title service provider to experience the benefits, as can work within your organization as an independent service.

Looking for Your Lender?

If your loan is with GM Financial or AmeriCredit then visit Get My Car Title for GM Financial to place your order.

Note: GM Financial is not affliated with GMAC. For help with GMAC titles, please call Ally Financial at (888) 925-2559.

If your loan is with Santander Consumer USA then visit Get My Car Title for Santander Consumer USA to place your order.

If your loan is with Chrysler Captial then visit Get My Car Title for Chrysler Capital to place your order.